Greg Abbott, We’re Not Impressed: 10 Things To Know

Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is running against Wendy Davis for governor in Texas. But we think there are a few things you might need to know about him first.

1. Abbott Supported a Mandatory Ultrasound Law.

Yep, Abbott backed a Texas law that forced women to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound before they could get an abortion.

Along with Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Abbott called for passage of legislation that would not only require the ultrasound prior the abortion, but make it available for the woman to view.

2. Abbott Has A History Of Targeting Women’s Health Clinics.

In 2010, a Grapevine women’s health clinic was selling IUDs imported from Canada. These IUDs were available in the US, but the the ones from Canada were cheaper. The clinic voluntarily stopped distributing the birth control devices, but Abbott went ahead and sued them anyway.

Then Abbott investigated baseless allegations against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and cost them $1.4 million to settle - or else share the private medical information of thousands of women.

3. Abbott Compared Planned Parenthood To Terrorist Organizations.

4. Abbott Admitted Expensive Redistricting Was Done To Help Republicans.

Abbott wrote in an official court filing that “redistricting decisions were designed to increase the Republican Party’s electoral prospects at the expense of the Democrats.” A federal appeals court found that the maps were drawn with the intent to discriminate against minority voters. Emphasis ours because REALLY?!

5. Abbott Boasts About Suing Obama Administration 27 Times.

That’s A LOT of time on your hands, Abbott.

6. Abbott Has Said (Repeatedly), “I go to the office, I sue Barack Obama, then I go home.”

Abbott has cost Texas millions of dollars in his endless (and mostly unsuccessful) lawsuits of the Obama Administration.

7. Abbott Believes Carbon Dioxide Cannot Be A Pollutant.

True story: After experiencing freezing temperatures in Midland, he once tweeted, “Whatever happened to global warming?” It was January.

8. Abbott’s Legacy In Washington Is Ted Cruz.

Let’s think about that. Greg Abbott helped launch Ted “Government Shutdown” Cruz, Ted “Green Eggs and Ham” Cruz’s career. THANKS, GREG ABBOTT.

9. Abbott Claimed Democrats Were More Of A Threat Than North Koreans.

No, really, Abbott thinks Democrats and the Obama Administration are more threatening than nuclear weapons.

10. Abbott Bragged About Being a “Leader” On Bills that Limited Women’s Access to Reproductive Care.

#GOPHeartsLadies, amirite?!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a real fighter for Texas women and families to be the next governor of Texas, look no further than Wendy Davis. Her impressive record of championing equal pay for women, vital education funding, and voting rights shows her deep commitment to giving all Texans a fair shot. Wendy began working at 14 to help her single mother and three siblings, and her story reflects what’s best about Texas: hard work, grit, determination, and opportunity. The EMILY’s List community of more than two million members is eager to lace up our sneakers and help this passionate and steadfast leader become Texas’ next governor.

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