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18 Little Makeup Tricks That Actually Work

Tried and tested!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best makeup hacks or tricks they have ever learned. Here are some of their super-smart suggestions.

1. Apply loose powder before applying foundation to help it hold onto oily skin throughout the day.

2. And use loose setting powder to prevent your lines from creasing your foundation.

3. Wet your Beautyblender with setting spray to actually mix it into the foundation.

4. Color your lower waterline in with a white eye pencil to brighten your eyes.

5. Blink your lashes on a square of toilet paper to catch excess mascara before it smears all over your cheeks.

6. Apply setting spray before using your highlighter to make it really *pop.*

7. Apply foundation before concealer to catch whatever the foundation didn't cover.

8. And use green concealer to hide redness.

9. Stick your mascara in your bra while you're doing the rest of your makeup to warm it and get a smooth, even coat.

10. Do your eyes before your face so that you can wipe up fallout without messing up your contour.

11. And save the wands to use as a brush for your brows.

12. Angle tape under your eyes to get the perfect smoky cat eye without getting black shadow all over the place.

13. Swap out blush for lipstick to get an easier, more controlled blend.

14. Wrap your lips around your finger and slide your finger out to prevent excess lipstick from getting on your teeth.

15. Apply NYX Glitter Primer if your eyelids keep creasing your shadows.

16. Point the tip of your eyeliner toward the end of your eyebrow and pull to get the perfect wing.

17. Cut fake lashes in half to apply the pieces evenly and prevent corner lifts.

18. Buy travel-size mascara instead of full-size. For some brands, you'll actually save money in the long haul.

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