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    21 Trendy Urban Outfitters Pieces You Can Make Yourself Instead

    When the price tag makes you cry, DIY.

    1. Cutouts are all the rage but you refuse to pay for less fabric. Chop up an old shirt instead of buying a new one.

    All you have to do is cut out the shoulders (avoiding the seam) and then pull a straight hand stitch to hide the raw edge. See the full tutorial at Love Maegan.

    Urban Outfitters price: $59
    DIY price: $0

    2. Your jeans are so tired, they make you tired. Spice them up with a bit of acrylic paint and fabric medium.

    Splatter painting an old pair of jeans is just so much more fun than dropping $100 on basically the same pair. Learn how to do it on Damask Love. Buy the fabric medium for $5.64 and acrylic paint for $9.95.

    Urban Outfitters price: $98

    DIY price: $5.64

    3. Elevate your old black tees and/or sweaters from normcore to hardcore using a few rubber bands and bleach.

    These items might also come in handy cleaning up a crime scene. Just be careful with the bleach. Use it in a well-ventilated area and prevent as much skin contact as possible. Learn how to reverse tie dye on Modern Day Dads. If you don't already have it lying around, buy a bottle for $2.42.

    Urban Outfitters price: $54

    DIY price: $2.42

    4. All you need to get the coveted scalloped edge is some careful cutting and a few stitches with a needle and thread.

    Extra Petite has an animated tutorial that will be sure to inspire if the bargain doesn't.

    Urban Outfitters piece: $59
    DIY price: $0

    5. You can easily make your own turban headband in any color or texture you like with scraps of fabric and a simple crisscross fold.

    The turban headband is by far the coziest thing to happen to hair accessory trends. Learn how to make it at Our Life is Beautiful.

    Urban Outfitters price: $18

    DIY price: $0

    6. Screen-print your tees and sweaters for a personalized edge on the graphic classic.

    Learn how to screen-print at Charli Marie. If you aren't such a hardcore DIYer, purchase these iron-on sheets from Amazon for $8.32. You can even use paint for an even cheaper strategy. Follow this genius tutorial on Calico skies.

    Urban Outfitters price: $39

    DIY price: varies, but definitely still cheap as hell

    7. Build a wallet that has the color, size, and number of card slots that actually fit your preferences.

    There's no need to empty your wallet to buy a nice one. Learn how to make one at High On Glue. If you don't want to dye the leather, you can buy whatever color you want at Amazon for $8.99.

    Urban Outfitters price: $70

    DIY price: $8.99

    8. Make your own lace-up body suit with some careful cutting and a spool of elastic cord.

    If you've owned one bodysuit, you've owned 100. Or at least you would, if you had unlimited funds. Learn how to make your own lace up bodysuit at Nava Rose. Get the elastic cord at Amazon for $5.69.

    Urban Outfitters price: $29.99

    DIY price: $5.69

    9. Add a sweet edge to your tees with a peplum flare using your trusty sewing machine.

    It is honestly shocking that the peplum trend hasn't made its way out yet. Don't waste the money on something that might be as cool as a scrunchie in a week or two (*shudder*). Instead, make it yourself. Make this one by Cotton & Curls.

    UO price: $39

    DIY price: $0

    10. Turn an old sunglass case into a clutch that rivals anything you would have purchased. Genius, amiright?

    You have a bucket bag, a satchel, a small crossbody, a large crossbody, but you REALLY want a clutch purse. All you need is a knob, a wrench, a drill, and a bolt cutter. Learn how to make it at HonestlyWTF. The cool thing about the DIY version is it's totally customizable and a great excuse to buy some of those gorgeous knobs from Anthropologie. This one is $10.

    Urban Outfitters price: $100 (Why? NO F**KING IDEA)

    DIY price: $10

    11. Make a sequin bag out of a mesh pouch, sequin fabric, and Liquid Stitch.

    No one told me sequins are back. See scrunchy comment please. Learn how to make this one at Hello Glow. Buy the Liquid Stitch at Amazon for $9.96. If you don't have an old sequin skirt lying around, you can buy sequin fabric for $7.80 per yard.

    Urban Outfitters price: $49

    DIY price: $17.76

    12. Add some pizzazz to a plain baseball cap with paint, patches, or a needle and thread.

    The baseball cap is a symbol of the land of the free, home of the brave (emphasis on free). See how to perform any of the three customization options on Rookie Magazine.

    Urban Outfitters: $35

    DIY price: $0

    13. Make the perfect seasonal transition with an open tie-back sweater with some artful cutting and a well-placed ribbon.

    This is the ideal bar sweater: your arms are warm, but you've got some ventilation for when the crowd gets steamy (not in the good way). Learn how to appropriately make cutouts without destroying your clothes and how to attach the bow from Love Maegan. Buy similar ribbon at Amazon for $6.95.

    Urban Outfitters price: $49

    DIY price: $6.95

    14. Get tatted without the regret with a pair of tights and a textile marker.

    To be fair, the Urban Outfitter tights are pretty cheap, but if you're not a cat person, you're kinda screwed. Learn how to tattoo your tights on By Wilma and buy the textile markers at Amazon for $6.26.

    Urban Outfitters price: $7

    DIY price: $6.26

    15. Make a wrap skirt (that, IMHO, is way cuter than the original) with some fabric, a needle & thread, and fusing tape.

    Learn how to wrap yo' own skirt like the independent woman you are on A Pair and a Spare. Buy fabric for $10.09 on Amazon.

    Urban Outfitters price: $69

    DIY price: $10.09

    16. Tie tulle onto ribbon to make your own tutu in two hours.

    Just because you're a big girl, doesn't mean you have to pay big girl prices for your tutu. You don't have to add quite as many layers as McKenna did, but the tutorial from McKenna Bleu is way easy and way cheap. All you need is some ribbon for $10.02 and tulle for $6.50. To get the length that the UO ballerina has, all you have to do is use longer pieces of tulle and make fewer layers.

    Urban Outfitters price: $69
    DIY price: $16.55

    17. Shrinky Dinks paper is possibly the best thing the 90s gave us. Use it to make lapel pins.

    Learn how to make them on Persia Lou. Buy the Shrinky Dinks paper for $3.99. Buy glossy Mod Podge for $8.99. Buy tie tacks for $6.43.

    Urban Outfitters: $10 for 1

    DIY price: $19.41 for 12

    18. Get prepped for the summer by making this highly necessary punch knot dress with nothing but a long shirt or an old dress.

    It's so close, you can almost feel it (nope, it's 20 degrees outside). Learn how to make it on Gina Michele.

    Urban Outfitters price: $49

    DIY price: $0

    19. Please, for the love of god, never buy a choker. Just make them with string, it'll take you a total of, like, 12 minutes.

    No joke, don't do it. You have that 90s party this weekend, but the craft store is way closer than the mall and Amazon has way faster delivery. Learn how to make it at Brit+Co. Buy the string for $5.49.

    Urban Outfitters price: $8

    DIY price: $5.49

    20. Did you think I was joking?! Don't do it!!!!!!!

    It's just a string! You cannot call yourself frugal if you buy this necklace. This is a top rated item on Urban Outfitters. This world is full of nonsense. Just buy the string for $6.71. Read XO Beth Ann's tutorial. She also shares in the rage.

    Urban Outfitters price: $24

    DIY price: $6.71

    21. Upcycle an old pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while with a quick snip and some fusible tape.

    Learn how to turn your jeans into shorts at ManMade. The tape isn't even necessary if you like the rugged hem of the Urban Outfitter shorts. If you don't, you can buy the tape for $2.39.

    Urban Outfitters price: $49

    DIY price: $2.39