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    This $10 Brush Set Will Make Cleaning Your Water Bottle So Much Easier

    You're probably drinking a lot of germs.

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    Did you know you're supposed to be washing your water bottle every single day?! Because it was definitely news to me!

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    A 2016 study found that most reusable drink bottles actually have more viable bacteria cells than a dog toy.

    And even if you do clean your water bottle daily, you still might not be getting the germs out. It's hard to do with all those nooks and crannies, after all!

    Emily Shwake

    Though I love my Contigo, I'll be the first to admit that cleaning the straw is basically impossible. Nothing I did ever cleaned out the gunk well enough, so I knew I needed to try something new!

    That's when I found this set of bottle cleaning brushes, which is actually amazing.

    Emily Shwake

    The cleaning set has five stars and almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon! And it's not hard to see why — the set has three brushes designed for the different crevices your water bottle might have, and each has tough bristles for extra scrubbing power. It's also got really nice ergonomic handles that are comfortable to use, which is just an added bonus!

    The longest brush has rounded bristles and can squeeze into almost any bottle.

    Emily Shwake

    It slides right through a S'well bottle, which — if you have one, you'll agree — are physically impossible to clean beyond just shaking some soapy water in there.

    There's also a nice little round brush, which is great for cleaning around the screw threads.

    Emily Shwake

    If you've ever gotten anything besides water up in there, you know how nasty it can get!

    Finally, the crème de la crème of all scrubby brushes in all the land: The long skinny dude that fits through the tiny nozzle!

    Emily Shwake

    The skinny brush fits straight through the straw to get all the dirt out and it's long enough to fit through a reusable straw, which I know you all are using, right?!

    To sum up: Drink water. Drink water out of reusable bottles and straws. Keep them clean with this brush set.

    Get the OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set from Amazon for $9.98.

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