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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Make Your Home Look Fancier

    A sunburst mirror, trendy chandelier, and a ruffled shower curtain are basically all you need to upgrade your home.

    1. An outdoor ottoman so that chilling in your backyard always feels like a visit to a luxury resort.

    2. A sculptural decanter that will make your two-buck chuck taste even better... Or at least make it look like a finer bottle of merlot than it actually is.

    3. A framed print, because your living room could certainly use a bit of drama.

    4. A shelf so you can display all of your fanciest knickknacks.

    5. A three-pack of wire baskets that will give your shelves a ~farmhouse chic~ vibe.

    6. A writing desk fit for the next great American author — or, you know, a frazzled marketing agent who has to squeeze in some work before the kids hop off the school bus.

    7. A tufted office chair that you will be sittin' pretty in, even if you have yet to change out of your PJs.

    8. An area rug if you want to totally *floor* your guests.

    9. A bath accessory set that your guests will *marble* at every time they wash their hands.

    10. A metallic mirror so you can sing, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the fairest apartment of them all?" and know that you'll get the answer you were looking for.

    11. A chandelier that is *staggeringly* trendy and will brighten up even the dingiest room in the house.

    12. A coffee table, because you want to cross "find statement piece for the living room" off your checklist.

    13. A 16-piece dinnerware set that will make eating mac 'n' cheese feel like a fine dining experience.

    14. A ruffled shower curtain, because it is way more sophisticated than the vinyl one that's slowly gathering more and more mold.

    15. A dainty umbrella stand that everyone will think was a savvy vintage find. "Why yes, of course I found that while antiquing in Vermont..."

    16. A tufted sofa with the classiness of a couch five times its price.

    17. A night-light that cleverly disguises itself as a well-groomed statue when the sun comes up.

    18. A wooden nightstand, because it looks like it's something right out of Miranda Priestly's bedroom. The devil may wear Prada, but her decor would be Walmart if she saw this.

    19. A weathered hall bench that will totally make you forget that you don't have a mudroom.

    20. A kitchen cart so you can have a little more storage space for all those neat cooking gadgets you got for Christmas.

    21. A versatile credenza that can be used as an entertainment stand, a console table for the entryway, or a buffet if your cabinets aren't nearly big enough for all of your pantry staples and dinnerware.

    22. A velvety set of curtains, because your curtains should be as well-dressed as you.

    23. A sheet set that'll make you say "ahhh" every time you slide into them.

    24. A pair of bookends, because you want to show people that you're not just fancy — you're also very well-read.

    25. An faux leather office chair that will inspire the most daring ideas.

    26. A bed frame, because the princess in you needs all the beauty sleep she can get.

    27. A wood and cast iron bar cart that will have you shaking up cocktails all night long.

    28. A vanity and mirror if your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover.

    29. A dining room table that is so gorgeous, it'll make all of your in-laws feel X-tremely jealous.

    30. A two-pack of throw pillows because you know everything that glitters isn't gold, but you still like shiny things.

    31. A pair of linen and oak dining chairs that are so comfy, you won't ever want dinner to be over.

    You when someone tells you how fabulous your home is:

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