Gatsby's House Is On The Market And It's Gorgeous

    Does anyone have 17 mill that I can borrow?!?!

    You know that book, The Great Gatsby?

    Only one of the GREATEST things to happen to American literature?! Ring a bell?!?!

    Anyways, if you've read it (meaning you don't live under a rock), you probably remember those crazy parties that Gatsby hosted in his home.

    Well, friends, the house that (according to rumor) inspired Fitzgerald's masterpiece actually exists... AND IT'S ON THE MARKET!

    Back in the day, Fitzgerald befriended Mary Harriman Rumsey, railroad industry heiress and the owner of this Long Island mansion.

    The humble 11,955-square-foot abode sits on five acres along with a tennis court, a boathouse, and of course...

    ... A caretaker's cottage aka Nick's house which is by no means an "eyesore."

    The interior was remodeled in 2012, but can't you just imagine Gatsby's butler preparing orange juice in this kitchen?!

    Or Klipspringer playing that piano?

    But guys, you're never going to believe it...

    The pool in which poor Gatsby met his untimely death NEVER EXISTED.

    So to the next owner of this literary gem, I say consider installing this masterpiece...

    Happy house hunting, old sport.