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Tell Us About The Smartest Cooking Hack You Actually Use

Cooking is hard.

Cooking can be such a pain. But there are so many tricks and hacks that make it easier!

Tell us about a cooking trick that is so smart, you actually use it all of the time.

Maybe you learned something that makes cooking so much easier... Like big-batch cooking rice and freezing individual packets.

Or you crack an egg into the ring of a canning lid to make the perfect round egg for your breakfast sandwich.

Do you have a trick that makes meal prep so much easier? Like using a bundt cake pan to cut corn off the cob...

Or pressing cherry tomatoes between plates to slice them all in one go?

Perhaps you figured out how to turn the french fries leftover from your 4 a.m. drunk McDonald's run into a hangover hash.

Or you started drying your steak before throwing it on the grill and it has never tasted better.

Whatever it is we want to know! Tell us about your awesome cooking hack in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!