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Hey Students, What Smart Study Technique Do You Swear By?

Because syllabus week is only one week.

Class is starting so soon, which means that you'll have a test way sooner than your shriveled-up summer brain is ready for.

Because of this #summerbrain I can hardly remember what day it is....

Twitter: @iam_nubian

I know it's scary, but think back to The Dark Times: What were the study strategies you used during finals that had the biggest payoff?

Do you "teach" someone what you've been studying?

Do you make notecards?

Do you study a little bit each day or do you give yourself regular breaks?

Are you more of a highlighter?

Or do you draw out really elaborate mind maps?

Or do you do something else entirely that works wonders?

If you think you've got a really neat trick that everyone should use, tell us about it! Leave a note or a photo in the Dropbox below and you'll have the opportunity to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!