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    17 Ways To Decorate Every Corner Of Your Home With String Lights

    Make your curtains glow and backyard trees twinkle.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    1. Line your mirror with string lights to get more light when you're doing your makeup.

    Or drape them around a small mirror so it can double as a selfie light! See the mirror here.

    2. Line a wall with lights and use mini clothespins to hang your favorite photos.

    Definitely beats buying all photo frames! Nails are the best option to hang your lights, so you can twist the wires around them, but thumbtacks are a fine option if you're worried about damaging your walls. Get the tutorial here.

    3. Hang them high above a table if your dining room is a bit dim.

    Gabriella Herman /

    Installing a chandelier is expensive and time-consuming. This is super simple and just as pretty. See the table setup here.

    4. Hide the lights behind sheer curtains to make your room a little more dreamy.

    If making a headboard out of string lights and curtains is a bigger project than you'd like to attempt, so you could totally just hang them behind the curtains that are already draping your window! Get the tutorial here.

    5. Twist the lights into cursive to send a message to all your guests.

    Lightly sketch the word on the wall with a pencil and then stick command hooks at the points where the word will hang. Get the tutorial here.

    6. Twist fairy lights into a few feet of rope if you like a rustic vibe but hate loose wires.

    Simple as it looks! Just wind the wires into the twists of the rope until you've covered the whole strand. Hang them just like as you usually would or set the coil on a bookshelf for a neat decoration. Get the tutorial here.

    7. Or conceal the wires with fake greenery.

    This will give the lights an even softer look and is a great way to add some green to your home without the hassle of living plants. Get the tutorial here.

    8. Drape lights over a decorative ladder to brighten up a dim corner of your home.

    You could also drape throw blankets or magazines alongside the lights, if you want this to be as functional as it is pretty. Get the tutorial here.

    9. Stretch bigger bulbed lights across your patio to make a twinkly canopy.

    Attach eye hooks to the house and the trees that sit on the opposite side of the patio. To make sure the strands won't get pulled away by something heavier than a breeze, first hang steel cables through the eye hooks. Then, zip-tie the lights to the cables. Get the tutorial here.

    10. Or wrap string lights around your tree trunks to get some mood lighting at your next barbecue.

    11. Hide cool-toned lights behind paper lanterns covered in batting to make a spooky cloud lamp.

    First, hang a wooden spool from the ceiling with fishing wire and eye hook screws. Hot glue the batting to the lanterns and attach the lanterns to the spool with more fishing wire. String the lights through the lanterns and over the spools and plug them into the wall. Get the tutorial here.

    12. String them along your fence or balcony to feel like you're snuggling up with the stars.

    @cillsta / Via

    With the white curtains, the cozy rug, and the snuggly blankets, this balcony looks like a very adult fort. ❤️ See it here.

    13. Stuff the lights into mason jars to make dreamy lanterns for the porch.

    Twist grapevine wire around the jar and shape it into a handle. Bunch the cords and push them into the jar. Let the strand loosely hang before sticking the next bunch into another jar. Hang them all on a coat hook, staggering the height so they hang nicely. How inviting! Get the tutorial here.

    14. Thread fairy lights through a watering can to shower your plants in light all night long.

    You'll need a drill to make the holes a bit larger! Hide the remote inside the can and use a Shephard's hook to hang it over the garden. Get the tutorial here.

    15. Or fill a watering globe with string lights if you can't see where you're walking in the dark.

    Thread the lights through the hose bib, then push them through the neck of the watering globe until you fill the base. Attach the globe to the hose bib with epoxy putty and attach the bib to the candle stick with industrial glue. Get the tutorial here.

    16. Turn grapevine lights into pineapples to make them a bit more fun.

    Spray-paint the grapevine balls and glue pieces of green felt to the tops. Get the tutorial here.

    Get the lights from Amazon for $11.99.

    17. Or border a gallery wall with a string light frame to make it really pop.

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