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    35 Simple Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Home Look More Expensive

    Find something that gold spray paint can't fix. Try.

    1. Ombre a tablecloth for a festive feel.

    Get the tutorial and specific purchasing instructions from Elliven Studio.

    2. Take those orange terra-cotta pots to the next level.

    Get the tutorial on Kenarry.

    3. Save your stuff in spray painted paper bags.

    4. Refinish your door handles to make an entrance.

    See the update on Pink Toes and Power Tools.

    5. Turn your baubles into mercury glass.

    All of my glassware is getting a makeover, stay tuned. See how to use Krylon Looking Glass on 17 Apart.

    6. String together some spray painted straws for some snazzy party bunting.

    7. Disassemble a fan to make it more presentable.

    8. Upcycle tin cans for a neat planter.

    9. Use Washi tape to leave a stylized design behind.

    10. File your documents in painted baskets.

    11. Give dead branches new life.

    12. Or customize flowers to your liking.

    Flowers don't last as long after being spray painted, but this strategy works well for last-minute events. See this baby's breath transformation on Jolie Weddings.

    13. Extend the life of your Christmas lights.

    Your mantel will now look straight from a chilled-out Scandinavian home. Get the look from A Beautiful Mess.

    14. Give your galoshes an update.

    Or just go for an all-over color swap.

    See the how-to on At Home In The Northwest.

    15. Knock off a designer necklace.

    Adia Kibur necklace: $144

    DIY: ~$15.98

    Easy as cake. See it on The Glitter Guide.

    16. Sit on the porch in some brighter benches.

    And your grandfather and I have been sitting on these chairs ever since.

    Get the tutorial on DIY til we Die

    17. Decorate with some dollar store rattan.

    18. Make a welcome mat truly welcoming with a fun pattern.

    19. Give your weather-worn mailbox a pick-me-up.

    20. Turn a measuring tape into a thirty-day timeline.

    21. Simplify an old bronze chandelier for a more modern look.

    22. Brighten a bookshelf with a coat of yellow.

    Pull the look together with tips from Better Homes and Gardens.

    23. Make your wicker basket a little less traditional with a metal finish.

    24. Fix literal trash with a new coat.

    25. Accent your walls with spray-painted shelf brackets.

    See the rest of this beautiful kitchen on Freckle and Fair.

    26. Stencil words or images onto furniture for a sassy staple.

    See the process photos on Homestead 128.

    27. Turn a plant hanger on its side for a curtain hook.

    Get the tutorial from Yellow Brick Home.

    28. Make your hangers as fabulous as the clothing they carry.

    29. Spray paint a cheap curtain rod gold for a West Elm lookalike.

    West Elm: $149

    DIY: $15.45

    Enough said. Get the tutorial from R&R Home.

    30. Go the extra mile and spray paint the sides of the drawers a different color than the exterior.

    It's like wearing cute underwear, it's just classy. See this project on Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

    31. Style up a filing cabinet to fit your home office.

    See more spray painting projects from KA Styles.

    32. Try a touch of teal for a brighter vanity.

    Honey & Fitz stuck the screws of her knobs into an egg carton so they could stand up while the paint dried.

    33. Test it out on some upholstery that you were going to throw out anyway.

    Pinterest Addict does a thorough breakdown of all the questions you probably have.

    34. Glue a dish to the bottom of a candleholder or ice cream bowl and then paint.

    35. Store your spray paint cans on a painted peg board.

    The Crafted Life explains how to get this tie-dye look and how to hang everything effectively.

    And remember: Always test first!