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    17 Ways To Personalize Your Bedroom If You're A Sagittarius

    You're a do-er, not a planner.

    1. Because you love to travel, track your trips on a cork board world map that's as cute as it is aspirational.

    2. Or order large prints of your favorite shots from abroad.

    3. Because you love the outdoors, press some greens and hang them on the wall.

    4. Because you're always on the go, skip the finicky live plants and pot fake ones for (almost) the same effect.

    5. Because you're more of a do-er than a planner, use a tray to make your more ~eclectic~ decor purchases fit together.

    6. Because you're a pretty open person, show off (and organize!) your favorite clothing and accessories on hooks.

    7. Because you get ready in a frenzy, keep a basket nearby for the clothing that you would usually toss on your bed.

    8. Because you love to perform (or at least sing along to music), dedicate a spot to your favorite music or instruments.

    9. Because you're always on your phone, keep a cute charging station available in every room.

    10. Because you love to learn, stack all your books in wine crates.

    11. Because you get bored easily, use pant hangers instead of frames to easily switch out art or posters.

    12. Because your mind is always racing, keep a cozy bedside lamp that will actually calm you down before you go to sleep.

    13. Because you're sometimes a bit ~scattered~, hang a key holder so you never lose or forget them again.

    14. Because you aren't a big fan of cleaning, glue your constellation to coasters so that you to actually use them.

    15. Because you're usually pretty optimistic, express yourself with some fun, quirky bedding.

    16. Because you love animals, stick this pug pin for your jean jacket or backpack.

    17. Because you are so freakin' proud to be a Sagittarius, stick this arrow on your laptop so everyone knows exactly who you are.