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    27 Surprisingly Attractive Rugs That You Can Get At Walmart

    These rugs are so unbelievably fabulous, it won't matter when the rest of your home is a total disaster.

    1. A Matisse-style rug if you want to keep up with the trends but don't want something that's going to go out of fashion in a matter of months.

    2. A sun-patterned wool rug that'll brighten up your space and look amazing against any flooring.

    3. An eye-catching mat that you won't be able to stop looking at.

    4. An abstract rug because you've always wanted to own a piece of fine art. You had planned to get one for the walls but having one on the floor is way more interesting.

    5. A braided rug that'll be the center of attention even if it's relegated to a corner.

    6. A retro option that's giving me serious Cruella de Vil vibes.

    7. A gorgeous, washed-out Morrocan rug if Scandinavian design is more your style.

    8. A blue runner that's an extremely luxe interpretation of the lanyards I made in summer '09.

    9. A Victorian-style rug, because your home deserves the royal treatment.

    10. A round rug that'll seriously brighten up any corner of your home.

    11. A floral rug if you want to add some drama to your bedroom without making it too gloomy. The goth girl in you is screaming with excitement.

    12. A plush rug that'll ease the transition from your cozy bed a little bit easier. You don't want to go through another winter being jolted awake every morning by the freezing floor.

    13. A kitchen mat, because you don't want your feet to ache when you're cooking up a feast.

    14. A colorful Scandinavian-style rug if you love covering your apartment in bright colors and funky patterns.

    15. An adorable alphabet rug so your kids can learn while they're rolling around on the floor.

    16. A plush ivory rug, because who wouldn't want the floor to be as cushy as the couch?

    17. A front doormat that is so adorable, dog-lovers won't be able to resist.

    18. A simple, hand-woven jute rug that'll give your home an earthy look.

    19. A faux cowhide that says, "Howdy folks, welcome to my humble abode."

    20. An affordable global weave mat if you're looking for something interesting to lay by the garage door.

    21. A leather and cotton area rug so you can cover up your worn out wood floors. Why get them redone when you could totally transform the room for less than $100?

    22. An imperial pattern rug that'll give your living room a bit of a punk chic look.

    23. A geometric red option, because the central piece of decor in your home should definitely be as bold as you are.

    24. A sisal runner if you're wanting something more textured and contemporary.

    25. A colorful rug so you can incorporate something that looks expensive without draining your bank account.

    26. A botanical rug that'll make decorating your home a walk in the park.

    27. And a black and ivory rug guaranteed to be the star(burst) of any room.

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