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    14 Dollar Store Hacks That'll Solve A Bunch Of Your Problems

    Keep your cleaning supplies in a shower caddy so you can carry them around with you when you're cleaning the whole house.

    1. Too many scarves? Thread them through shower curtain rings so you can hang them in the closet.

    Once you've clipped all of the shower curtain rings onto the supporting rung of the hanger, fold the scarf in half, slide it through a ring, and pull the ends through the loop side to make a knot around the ring. Learn more here.

    2. Can't find your favorite lipstick? Sort your makeup collection into plastic drawers so every kind of product has a designated space.

    Put small bins in the drawers to get them even more organized. Learn more here.

    3. Tangled jewelry? Separate your necklaces and earrings into ice cube trays.

    They stack, so you can keep a separate tray for each kind of jewelry — rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. — if you have a large collection. Learn more here.

    4. Sticky fridge? Line the shelves with placemats for easy cleanup.

    When the placemats are dirty, just pull them out and rinse them off! So much easier than taking out the entire shelf. Learn more here.

    5. Creepy crawlies? Squish and clean in one quick swipe of a lint roller.

    Just tear off the sheet and throw it in the trash...then shudder violently a few times until you get that image out of your head. Learn more here.

    6. Can't ever find the spice you're looking for? Glue magnets to plastic organizers so you can hang them all on the fridge.

    Bonus points if you sort the seasonings into flavor profiles. That way, you can just pull down the bin that you need for the recipe you're cooking. Learn more here.

    7. Always losing your keys? Screw c-hooks on the inside of a picture frame so you never misplace them again.

    Hang them right next to the front door so it's the first thing you put away when you get home and the last thing you grab on your way out. Learn more here.

    8. Missing school supplies? Make a three-tiered homework station out of candlesticks and pie tins.

    You can even spray-paint the whole thing if you want it to be one uniform color. Learn more here.

    9. Rusty trampoline springs? Cover them with pool noodles.

    Cut the noodles to the length of the springs, and cut a slit down the side. It'll easily slip onto the spring. No more pinching or scratching! Learn more here.

    10. No room for a garden? Stack and stagger buckets of plants to make a vertical garden that's perfect for any outdoor space.

    Pour concrete into the bottom of the largest bucket and stick a pole in the middle. While it's drying, make holes in the other buckets (using a drill and scissors) that are large enough to fit the pole. Once the concrete is dry, make a hole in the side of the bottom bucket for drainage, then fill it with soil. Slide a slightly smaller bucket onto the pole and wedge it into the soil on an angle. Slide the third bucket onto the pole and balance it on the lip of the second. Once you've got enough planters to cover the whole pole, plant your flowers. So pretty! Learn more here.

    11. Cluttered cabinet? Store your cleaning supplies in a shower caddy so you can carry around everything you need to clean the whole house.

    It's like a toolbox, but for cleaning! Learn more here.

    12. Kids keep leaving a mess on the first floor? Leave a basket at the bottom of the stairs so you can carry all the mess up in one go.

    13. Hate struggling with plastic wrap? Cover your leftovers with a shower cap.

    The shower cap is way less wasteful and way more effective than plastic. Learn more here.

    14. Messy car? Stick a cereal container in the side pocket to use as an unobtrusive trash can.

    The cereal container is airtight so it'll also keep any smells under wraps. Learn more here.

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