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    14 Dollar Store Hacks That'll Solve A Bunch Of Your Problems

    Keep your cleaning supplies in a shower caddy so you can carry them around with you when you're cleaning the whole house.

    1. Too many scarves? Thread them through shower curtain rings so you can hang them in the closet.

    2. Can't find your favorite lipstick? Sort your makeup collection into plastic drawers so every kind of product has a designated space.

    3. Tangled jewelry? Separate your necklaces and earrings into ice cube trays.

    4. Sticky fridge? Line the shelves with placemats for easy cleanup.

    5. Creepy crawlies? Squish and clean in one quick swipe of a lint roller.

    6. Can't ever find the spice you're looking for? Glue magnets to plastic organizers so you can hang them all on the fridge.

    7. Always losing your keys? Screw c-hooks on the inside of a picture frame so you never misplace them again.

    8. Missing school supplies? Make a three-tiered homework station out of candlesticks and pie tins.

    9. Rusty trampoline springs? Cover them with pool noodles.

    10. No room for a garden? Stack and stagger buckets of plants to make a vertical garden that's perfect for any outdoor space.

    11. Cluttered cabinet? Store your cleaning supplies in a shower caddy so you can carry around everything you need to clean the whole house.

    12. Kids keep leaving a mess on the first floor? Leave a basket at the bottom of the stairs so you can carry all the mess up in one go.

    13. Hate struggling with plastic wrap? Cover your leftovers with a shower cap.

    14. Messy car? Stick a cereal container in the side pocket to use as an unobtrusive trash can.