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    17 Organizing Tricks You Need To Try If You're Obsessed With Pinterest Pantries

    Here's how to take advantage of every square inch of space you have.

    1. Store your staples in air-tight jars so nothing dries out and everything looks uniform.

    2. Or stack your staples in rectangle containers if your shelves are taller than they are wide.

    3. Group items in broad categories — such as snacks or baking — either on shelves or in clear bins so you aren't hunting for the sugar up top and the vanilla down low.

    4. Glue small clips to a thin piece of board (or the wall!) and hang your single-portion chip bags.

    5. Turn the pantry door into a command center to truly take advantage of every inch of space.

    6. Or hook your foil and plastic wrap off the inside of the door to make your most important supplies easy to access.

    7. Print labels out on clear sticker paper so you aren't confusing the flour for the sugar.

    8. Stick an adhesive shelf liner behind your shelves to add some color to your pantry.

    9. Install sliding wire drawers so your kids can easily reach their favorite snacks.

    10. Store your produce in file holders to take advantage of vertical space.

    11. Decorate tins with uniform labels to store spices and hang them on magnet strips.

    12. Stock rarely used items in baskets on the top shelves that you can pull down when you need something.

    13. Use Lazy Susans in pantry corners so the space doesn't go to waste.

    14. Stow grocery bags in mailing tubes if you don't want to shell out for fancy dispensers.

    15. Flip your wire shelves upside down so your cans will always roll to the most accessible point.

    16. And stick wine crates on casters to use every bit of space below the shelves.

    17. And add shallow shelves to your pantry, so you can see literally everything at a glance.