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I Tried 10 Ridiculously Popular Pinterest Beauty & Style Hacks IRL And The Results Were Mixed

Some delivered — and others (definitely) didn't.

1. HACK #1: To tone down dark circles, apply under-eye gel pads made out of coffee + gelatin.

2. HACK #2: Remove sweat stains from clothing by pre-soaking them with a mixture of dish soap + hydrogen peroxide + baking soda.

3. HACK #3: Corn starch + cocoa can double as cheap (and streak-free) dry shampoo for brunettes.

4. HACK #4: Swapping out pricey eye makeup remover for plain ol' coconut oil.

5. HACK #5: Prevent blisters with adhesive tape.

6. HACK #6: Before bed, wrap wet hair around a t-shirt crown — and you'll wake up with easy, no-heat waves.

7. HACK #7: Applying corn starch + top coat will give your nail polish a matte finish.

8. HACK #8: Hook a removable strap around the base of a strapless bra for extra ~lift~ and support.

9. HACK #9: Make a fool-proof DIY exfoliating scrub with coffee grounds + sugar + coconut oil.

10. HACK #10: Set your lipstick with a tissue + translucent powder to make it last even longer.