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    21 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Cat Purr With Gratitude

    If it fits, I sits!

    1. A window seat, because sunbathing is their favorite way to spend the day.

    2. A pet house nightstand so you can hide their litter box and get a little extra storage space.

    3. And! A litter box that automatically cleans up after your cat so you don't have to scoop up their poop.

    4. A tree tower that gives your cat plenty of levels for leaping, rope for scratching, and pompoms for swatting.

    5. Or! A cat tree tower, because you want something that both you and your cat will like — what's nicer than having a tree in the living room?!

    6. An adorable backpack carrier, because you want them to be as comfortable on-the-go as they are at home.

    7. A hilarious cat scratcher that mimics the feel of tree bark, which will feel nice on their paws and claws.

    8. A kitty perch, because you both know that she is the queen of the castle and she needs a place to look upon her subjects.

    9. A fancy playhouse, because you've got an outdoor cat that you love to spoil.

    10. Or! A heated house so you can keep your outdoor cat warm if you live somewhere cold.

    11. A beautiful set of bowls so feeding time is as glamorous as your girl.

    12. A pet gate so your cat can get in the room with the litter box, but your dog can't.

    13. A water fountain so that your kitty never goes thirsty — it holds 100 fluid ounces of water!

    14. A precious tent, because your kitty deserves lots of ~pompoms~ and circumstance.

    15. A soft igloo that will make them feel cradled and secure.

    16. An adjustable pod that will beautifully match your rattan baskets.

    17. A two-pack of eco-friendly cushions that attract heat, dander, and (of course) cats!

    18. A crate with three levels, because they're going to destroy your house if you let them run wild while you're at work.

    19. A hanging scratcher that you can rub catnip into for an extra fun scratching session.

    20. A three-bowl feeder so that all your cats can eat in one place.

    21. A snuggly cove that is nice and dark for midday snoozles.

    Your kitty is gonna be so happy!

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