15 Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Homes, According To An Expert

    Stay away from that two-in-one paint primer...

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    Painting is one of the easiest ways to drastically change a room.

    Here are a few common mistakes people make when painting a room:

    Along with expert advice on how to do things the right way!

    1. You aren't properly repairing your walls before painting.

    2. You're not cleaning your surfaces before painting.

    3. Or you're using a Magic Eraser, or other strong cleaning product, to clean the walls before you paint.

    4. You're skipping the primer.

    5. Or you're using a "self-priming" paint to save on time.

    6. You're covering everything in painter's tape.

    7. Or you're not using your tape the right way.

    8. You picked out a gloss paint for your walls.

    9. You're only doing one coat of paint.

    10. You're not using the right brush for the job.

    11. You're painting right out of the can.

    12. You're putting too much paint on the roller.

    13. You're moving the roller around in any random direction.

    14. You're painting your exterior when it's below 35 degrees.

    15. You're storing leftover paint in the garage.