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    11 Easy Organizing Tricks That Helped Me Love My Kitchen Again

    This kitchen isn't big enough for the four of us, but now we can make it work.

    Hey, I'm Emily! I love cooking, but hate my kitchen.

    I was totally over it. So, I tried a few different hacks to organize my kitchen, cut down on the clutter, and make cooking fun again. Here's what worked:

    1. Hang pots, pans, and kitchen tools on magnetic hooks to create more vertical storage space.

    2. Stick file holders in the freezer so you aren’t balancing your chicken on top of your berry mix on top of your broccoli.

    3. And use file holders in the pantry because, I mean, you aren’t using them for files so you might as well.

    4. Choose some funky stickers to label your food, so you know what’s yours and what’s not.

    5. And use clothespins for bag clips because they're way cheaper (and cuter!) than the ones you were probably buying before.

    6. Stack your spices on a Lazy Susan so you can easily find exactly what you're looking for.

    7. Ditch the decor and put your prettiest pantry items on display instead.

    8. Eliminate the headache of fumbling with random containers by replacing them with a stackable set.

    9. And tape a cardboard box to the inside of a cabinet door to hold any loose container lids.

    10. Stack pasta boxes horizontally, so you can see what you have without taking up valuable pantry real estate.

    11. And slide on a few wire baskets if your shelves are unnecessarily high.

    After all of that, my kitchen is still tiny, the "pantry" is still just a set of open shelves, and I still have three roommates...but it feels like I can breathe again!

    Tell us about the organization tricks you've tried in your kitchens in the comments!