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18 Home Hacks To Try If You're Always Forgetting Things

Always forgetting your lunch? Clip a clothespin to your purse.

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1. Hide a spare key behind a fake socket cover if you're always locking yourself out.

BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: buzzfeedniftyoutdoors, Facebook: buzzfeedniftyoutdoors

A fake socket is way less obvious than hiding it under a plant or doormat. Just attach the socket to the wall with a drill and screw, and stow the key inside.

Get a weatherproof socket cover from Amazon for $3.49 (available in three colors).

2. Or create your own key holder, and hang your keys in your line of sight so you see them before you walk out the door.


The possibility of getting home at 3 a.m. in the morning and not having my key is the one reason I'll never feel comfortable living alone. To make this key holder, glue your wine corks to a ruler and glue some twine on the back.

3. Clip a clothespin to your purse to remind yourself to bring your packed lunch.

Rachel Miller

A study in the Psychological Science journal found that visual cues are way more effective than written or electronic reminders. You want the cue to be attention-grabbing and appear at the exact time you need to remember your intention.

My collegue Rachel had the idea of clipping a clothespin on your purse as a very noticeable reminder to grab your lunch before you run out the door.

4. Or tuck a random object, like a coffee table book, under the covers when you need to remember something.

Emily Shwake

If you tend to climb into bed the second you walk in the house, finding a book in the way will remind you of the thing you probably would have otherwise forgotten.


5. Purchase a few timed outlets if you've left your hot iron on more than once.

There's nothing worse than being halfway to work and realizing you can't remember if you unplugged the hot tool that could burn your whole freakin' house down.

Get it from Amazon for $9.58.

6. Pop a wine bottle filled with water into the soil of your potted plant, so your forgetfulness doesn't claim another victim.

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Upcycling wine bottles is a true skill. If you just want to take care of your plant, peel off the label, clean the bottle, fill it with water, and quickly flip it into a sizable hole in the dirt of your pot.

7. Place your medication next to your coffee pot or breakfast cereal so you remember to take it.

Emily Shwake

Medicine in the actual medicine cabinet can easily be out of sight and out of mind. By keeping your medication near the coffee pot or cereal, you're linking something you need to remember with something you already do each day.

8. Make an inventory of all your groceries so you never buy something you already have, and know what to cook without digging through your fridge.

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Write each grocery down as you put it away, and erase it when you take it out. It'll make building your shopping list for the next week way easier.

Get a magnetic dry erase board from Amazon for $7.19+ (available in two sizes).


9. Hang your umbrella on the door handle if you know that rain is in the forecast.

Emily Shwake

When you plan your outfit the night before and see it's going to rain, hang your umbrella up immediately so you don't need to rely on your half-asleep brain to remember. It'll be impossible to miss.

10. Write the purchase dates on the bottoms of your toiletries so you know when you need to toss them.

What are the odds that you're going to remember when you purchased your concealer in a year's time?! It's really important to toss your beauty products when they expire because they can actually damage your skin and cause infections. Use a Sharpie to make a tiny but legible note on the bottom of each product the day you buy it.

Here's a whole list of expiration dates you need to know.

11. Write down what needs to hang dry somewhere in your laundry, so you don't risk ruining another sweater in the dryer.

Making a note of these items will prevent you from having to sort through the labels while the clothes are wet, which is such a terrible chore you know you'll just end up risking it and throwing it all in the dryer. If you don't want to use a dry erase marker, use a sticky note!

12. Place things you need to put away in your direct exit path so you can't leave the room without bringing it with you.

Emily Shwake

In her book, Organizing Solutions for People With Attention Deficit Disorder: Tips and Tools to Help You Take Charge of Your Life and Get Organized, Susan Pinsky calls these places "way stations." She explains that they should be "so obvious, and even irritating" that you have no choice but to put the thing back where it belongs.

Get the book from Amazon for $13.99, from Barnes & Noble for $14.12, or find it at your local bookstore on Indiebound.


13. Write important birthdays on recipe cards, so you never forget to buy a gift again.

This recipe box will work as a birthday calendar, so you don't have to re-add the date every single year. You could even write gift ideas on the backs of each recipe card so you won't forget them by the time the month rolls around.

Get a pretty recipe tin from Amazon for $16.99.

14. Or hang a command center on the inside of a cabinet door if external reminders feel too much like clutter.

Keep everything on your command center from bills and coupons to appointments and keys, so you can't remember one thing without reminding yourself of another. Use adhesive strips and washi tape so you don't risk damaging the paint.

15. Hang a notepad in every room of the house so you can make a note whenever and wherever you think of it.

You can transfer all of your notes to a master list, but you want to put it on paper the second you think of it, especially in the morning when a hundred things are running through your head.

To make this wall notepad, paint the bottom section of the board with chalkboard paint, pre-drill the board before attaching it to the wall, and use a strip of velcro to attach the pad.

16. Stick this lovely decal on your wall so you don't risk a garbage overflow.

Neglecting this task can really trash the rest of your week. The longer it sits there, the more it stinks.

Get this decal from KennaSatoDesigns on Etsy for $11.99+ (available in 36 colors, six sizes, and all seven days of the week).


17. Plug a spare charger into the kitchen outlet so your phone doesn't die in the middle of cooking dinner.

If you get your recipes from Pinterest, realizing you forgot to charge your phone overnight is a true nightmare.

Get this stand from Amazon for $9.99.

18. Leave a bottle of cleaning spray outside the shower so you clean it before it gets really gross.

Using a daily shower spray will prevent the buildup of soap scum and mildew. Leave it right outside the shower or under your towel so you see it when you're getting out.

To make your own shower spray, mix half a cup of vodka, a cup of water, and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle.