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    Updated on Apr 15, 2019. Posted on Sep 25, 2018

    13 Decorative Organization Ideas For People Who Have A Lot Of Stuff

    Hang copper pipes in the kitchen and woven baskets in the bathroom.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. Glue pretty plates and egg cups together to keep your jewelry on display.

    You can also stack the plates on candlestick holders if you can't hunt down any egg cups! Learn more here.

    2. Build a ladder out of wooden dowels if you don't have enough space for an entryway table.

    Use s-hooks to hang your keys, a mail sorter, or a planter! Throw your jacket over a rung and stick your shoes underneath. Learn more here.

    3. Display throw blankets on the wall so they can stop taking up a whole shelf in your linen closet.

    Kelsey Wilson / / Via

    You definitely bought that blanket because it's as cute as it is cozy, so you might as well show it off during the seasons you don't need it. Learn more here.

    4. Cover a section of your wall with plywood, so you can drill and hang shelves without doing any structural damage.

    You can switch up the shelves, hooks, and displays as many times as you want. Learn more here.

    5. Hang up your pots and pans, so you can free up valuable cabinet space for the rest of your kitchen equipment.

    Emily Billings / Via

    All you need are a few copper pipes and s-hooks. Learn more here.

    6. Clip your hats on a clothesline because they look just as cute on the wall as they do when you're wearing them.

    7. Add a trim of hooks around the room if you're low on closet space but have more purses than you know what to do with.

    8. Attach agate slices and screws to short dowels, so your cute stuff doesn't have to hang from ugly plastic hooks.

    Having a budget doesn't mean your stuff has to look cheap.

    Get one agate slice from Etsy for $0.93.

    9. Pour all of your dry cooking staples into Mason jars so your pantry isn't filled with clutter.

    10. Stick hooks to the underside of your shelves so your cooking utensils can hang along the backsplash.

    11. Attach brackets to woven baskets for your bathroom essentials if the cabinet under the sink is packed to the brim.

    Your guests will always know where to find the TP which makes things way less awkward for everyone. Learn more here.

    12. Prop your massive plant collection on clear acrylic shelves so every single one gets the right amount of sun.

    The acrylic shelves will make it so you're not blocking too much light from the rest of the room. Learn more here.

    13. And build a floating drawer so you can hide your less-than-cute items underneath your best decor.

    Iván Emilio Albino / Via

    Even the neatest people have a crap drawer, so you might as well disguise it as decor! Learn more here.

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