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    13 Minimalist Halloween Decorations That Are Actually Classy

    Haute haunted house.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    Halloween, however wonderful, isn't known as being particularly subtle.

    CW / Via

    There a lot of blow-up ghosts on lawns, and plastic ghouls that flash LED lights and laugh spookily when trick or treaters walk by. But your holiday decorations don't have to be this way!

    Here are a few simple decor ideas for anyone who loves Halloween but wants to keep things cute:

    1. Cut bat shapes out of black construction paper for cheap decor that won't make you want to flee the scene.

    For such a low-lift, low-cost project, these bats have a big impact! See it here.

    2. Light some black candlesticks for both atmosphere and aesthetic.

    Less phantom, more opera. Learn more here.

    3. Cover your furniture in white bedsheets, if you're looking for a simple trick that totally transforms a room.

    John Kernick / Via

    Added bonus: They're another layer protecting your upholstery from spilled punch. Learn more here.

    4. "Torture" your candles with nails for a look that's just creepy enough that it won't scare anyone away.

    As long as you don't have any pets or children around that might hurt themselves, you can scatter nails around the candles to intensify the scene. Learn more here.

    5. Wrap your yard flamingos in ripped up bedsheets for a lawn mummy that'll have your neighbors screaming, "OMG, LOL, DEAD."

    Cute and classy, but also hilarious. Learn more here.

    6. Gild your pumpkins if you want your jack-o-lantern to be more glitzy than gory.

    Gregory Navage / Via

    That pumpkin is fancier than I am, TBQH. Learn more here.

    7. Or paint big eyes on them if you still want a little bit of spook.

    8. DIY a Jack Skellington doorknob by cutting out some black washi tape to make eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

    9. Clip up spooky etchings in the foyer to make it...less welcoming.

    Switch out the prints for Thanksgiving-themed pictures when spooky season is over. Learn more here.

    10. Nest plastic spiders in fake webbing for a decoration that's both eery and elegant.

    Friends will call your place the haute haunted house. Learn more here.

    11. Cover styrofoam balls with cheese cloth to make ghosts that aren't hauntingly cheesy.

    You can also replace the styrofoam with ping pong balls if you've got some. Learn more here.

    12. Spray-paint old animal figurines black for an ornament that won't make your eyes bleed.

    Hoo wouldn't love this?! Learn more here.

    13. And paint wooden letters for a spooky sign that's a bit cuter than vinyl window stickers.

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