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    Miguel's New Album Is Here And, Dear God, Do Not Listen To It In Public

    Miguel is my sexual identity.

    ALERT! Miguel, God of Baby-Making Music in the 21st Century has finally dropped his newest album, War & Leisure. And, of course, it's incredible.

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    Would've made more sense to get this on Christmas because sweetie, it is a gift.

    Here are a few of the many, many very hot lyrics that you have to look forward to:

    "Wolf" will fuck you up, and that's all I have to say about that.

    "Anointed" is classic Miguel as it is equal parts sex and romance.

    As is to be expected, "Criminal" is dangerously hot.

    Miguel shows off his pipes on "Harem" and my, oh my, our boy can sing.

    "Banana Clip" is, umm, explicit.

    Timothy Saccenti

    Miguel mostly sings in Spanish in "Caramelo Duro," and it's delicious.

    ... which basically translates to "Sugar, only if you are pleasure and you have a dirty mind." Sounds better in Spanish, amiright?

    "Sky Walker" is honestly just a fun jam. But still sexy as hell.

    I mean... Same?

    "City of Angels" is every single unrequited love you've ever pined after.

    Bare your soul, honey.

    You've probably heard "Told You So" at this point, but if you haven't it's a banger.

    I highly recommend you check out the music video because it features some very hot (read: quirky) dance moves from the man of the hour.

    "Now" is a much more somber song, but he still kills it with every lyric.

    Because what's sexier than intelligence?

    Me when I hear Miguel’s singing voice. #ineedtochange #miguel #warxleisure #splish

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