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    17 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Wow, Meal Prep Is Bae"

    "I see your PB&J, and raise you a colorful salad."

    1. These perfectly-packed lunches that say "I see your PB&J, and raise you a colorful salad."

    @mealpreponfleek / Via

    2. These protein-packed pancakes that would be the perfect pick-me-up on early mornings.

    @prettyontrack / Via

    3. This simple setup that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    @prettyontrack / Via

    4. This vegan dream that's basically Thanksgiving without the turkey leg.

    @simplecleangood / Via

    5. This delightful spread that makes going gluten-free seem like a breeze.

    @hilariwilliams / Via

    6. This pared-down charcuterie board that would make the perfect afternoon snack.

    @prettymealprep / Via

    7. This light lunch spread that knows that chocolate is an essential part of a balanced diet.

    @collegenutritionist / Via

    8. These Mason jar salads that mix things up.

    @movelovecreate / Via

    9. These gorgeous jars of overnight oats that make such a lovely treat on busy mornings.

    @naturenates / Via

    10. This colorful setup that's as fresh as it is filling.

    @fitmomfoods / Via

    11. These elevated lunchboxes that are oh so easy to throw together.

    @thevegansix / Via

    12. These poke bowls that look just as good as the ones you'd order in a restaurant.

    @miss_havermout / Via

    13. These veggie-heavy meals that look super flavorful.

    @thatsnickq / Via

    14. These turkey taco bowls that'll rival your takeout burrito.

    @racheleats_ / Via

    15. This Sunday meal prep that has a little bit of everything.

    @ashleysauvehealth / Via

    16. This magical medley that feeds the whole family.

    @sar4h_health / Via

    17. And these lovely salads that make desk lunches a little less sad.

    @yoursedibly / Via

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