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    17 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Wow, Meal Prep Is Bae"

    "I see your PB&J, and raise you a colorful salad."

    1. These perfectly-packed lunches that say "I see your PB&J, and raise you a colorful salad."

    2. These protein-packed pancakes that would be the perfect pick-me-up on early mornings.

    3. This simple setup that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    4. This vegan dream that's basically Thanksgiving without the turkey leg.

    5. This delightful spread that makes going gluten-free seem like a breeze.

    6. This pared-down charcuterie board that would make the perfect afternoon snack.

    7. This light lunch spread that knows that chocolate is an essential part of a balanced diet.

    8. These Mason jar salads that mix things up.

    9. These gorgeous jars of overnight oats that make such a lovely treat on busy mornings.

    10. This colorful setup that's as fresh as it is filling.

    11. These elevated lunchboxes that are oh so easy to throw together.

    12. These poke bowls that look just as good as the ones you'd order in a restaurant.

    13. These veggie-heavy meals that look super flavorful.

    14. These turkey taco bowls that'll rival your takeout burrito.

    15. This Sunday meal prep that has a little bit of everything.

    16. This magical medley that feeds the whole family.

    17. And these lovely salads that make desk lunches a little less sad.

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