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    17 Genius Hacks From Instagram That'll Organize Your Entire Home

    You'll be able to find basically everything you need at the dollar store, or lying around your house.

    1. Clip your boots up on a hanger so they aren’t all slumped in a corner.

    2. Store plastic bags in empty wipe containers so they aren’t floating around the bottom of your closet.

    3. Keep tiny toys in clear containers so kiddos can easily find them without dismantling the whole toy closet.

    4. Use colorful sticky notes to distinguish between power cords.

    5. Hang a row of hooks in the kitchen so you always know where to find the tools you use the most.

    6. Stack water bottles on a wine rack so you can grab the one you want without knocking over the rest of them.

    7. Hang plastic bins on a tension rod so their bath toys can drip dry right back into the bath.

    8. Use thick ribbon and file dividers to spruce up your linen closet.

    9. Stick baskets on the stairs so cleanup in the evenings is as easy as grabbing a basket on your way to bed.

    10. Stick adhesive hooks on the cabinet doors so the right lid is always within reach.

    11. Separate food storage lids into open-top bins by type so you don't have to throw away a mismatched set just to control the chaos.

    12. Stick a suction cup shower caddy on the mirror to make your morning makeup routine a bit smoother.

    13. Keep your cords wound tightly with binder clips so you can charge your phone without having to untangle a big mess.

    14. Take advantage of the space under your sink by stacking drawers all the way to the top.

    15. Tag each towel with removable stickers so you know which one is yours, even if you've got a full house.

    16. Roll towels and stick them in a soft basket if you don't have room for extras in the bathroom.

    17. Stick adhesive magnetic strips to the inside of your bathroom cabinet so you aren't fumbling around drawers for tiny tools.