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    15 Ikea Hacks That'll Actually Come In Handy

    Hang necklaces from picture ledges and organize cleaning supplies in spice racks.

    1. Hang Luroy bed slats on the wall to organize literally everything you own.

    2. Screw c-hooks into the bottom of the Mosslanda picture ledge to hang all of your necklaces.

    3. Make a storage space out of two Lack end tables.

    4. Gather your excessive nail polish collection with Bekvam spice racks to make your home feel like a salon.

    5. Or stick the spice racks on the inside of your broom closet door to organize your cleaning supplies.

    6. Hang a Kungsfors rail on the inside of your cabinet door to keep all of the lids organized.

    7. Drill a Knuff magazine holder in the corner to make a mini shelf.

    8. Spray-paint the Fintorp knife rack and some magnets to make an alternative gallery wall.

    9. Stick pint-sized glasses in the Vurm wine holder to make an attractive herb garden.

    10. Hang Stignitet cables from the ceiling to fake a canopy bed.

    11. Stick the Ordning utensil holders on the inside of the kitchen cabinet to hide unsightly tools behind closed doors.

    12. Make a light table for tracing or sensory play out of the Lack side table and a few light strips.

    13. Hang your wine glasses from a Torkad paper towel holder.

    14. Keep your laptop screen in the shade with a Drona storage box so you can work while you soak up some sunshine.

    15. Attach two Duktig doll beds together so your kittens can bunk together.