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    If You're Obsessed With Plants And Color, You Need These Decor Tips

    "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong."

    Justina Blakeney is the creator of The Jungalow, a design site that is full of color, patterns, and lots and lots of plants. Much of her design inspiration comes from her background in fashion and her love of nature.

    Here are Blakeney’s best tips for bringing The Jungalow style into any space you love:

    1. Change your room like you change your clothes.

    2. Be willing to experiment with anything that isn't nailed to the ground.

    3. Take a photo of your space for an alternative perspective.

    4. Take care of your plants like you take care of your children.

    5. And start out with a ~beginner-level~ plant that's sturdy enough to stand a few mistakes.

    6. Give your plants some time to adjust to their new surroundings.

    7. Declutter like a minimalist, decorate like a maximalist.

    8. And make sure there's a nice ebb and flow of negative space.

    9. Bring in as much natural light as possible to make a small space feel huge.

    10. And change out lightbulbs for ones that give your space the right glow.

    11. Space out your furniture by at least 24 inches so you have enough room to move.

    12. Buy your textiles directly from the source — on international eBay.

    13. Practice until your space is perfect.