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    17 Useful Hairstyling Hacks You Should Know About

    I've been brushing my hair wrong this whole damn time.

    1. Know which brush serves which purpose.

    2. Layer your bun if your thick hair refuses to stay put.

    3. Use the same layering strategy if your hair is super thin.

    4. Follow a straightening comb with a straightener to get your hair perfectly smooth on the first pass.

    5. Or learn how to wrap your hair if you want to switch it up.

    6. Blend up a hair mask if you're trying to cut down on product.

    7. Remove static with a dryer sheet.

    8. Point your blow dryer at the inside of your round brush for a more voluminous style.

    9. And use a diffuser if you're drying curly hair.

    10. Brush the tanglies out before you hop in the shower.

    11. Take the BuzzFeed 5-Day Natural Hair Challenge if your curls need a refresh.

    12. Twist your flat iron for beachy waves.

    13. And choose the curling iron based on the kind of curl you want.

    14. Amp up a thin braid by gently pulling out each piece for a thicker texture.

    15. Dry your hair in a T-shirt instead of a towel to prevent frizz.

    16. Or braid your wet hair into a bun if you're trying to avoid using heat.

    17. Position the wavy side of the bobby pin against your head for a better grip on your hairstyle.

    Now go forth and be glam.