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    I Finally Tried The Bullet Journal Trend That Everyone's Obsessed With

    I am what you may call an ~organized~ mess.

    Hey, I'm Emily! I'm 23 years old, so it should come to no surprise to you that I have trouble with this whole adulting thing.

    I wanted to find a way to get my shit together, but my strategic plan is typically more along the lines of ~organized chaos~.

    Bullet journaling always seemed like a great resource, but the beautiful spreads all over Instagram felt a little intimidating...

    But I decided to go for it! I bought all of the journaling necessities and committed to journaling daily for at least one month.

    Here's how the month went.

    I got nervous about making my first page perfect and had no idea what kind of layouts to use. After procrastinating for a week, I screwed it up anyways.

    I was only a few pages in, but I decided to just embrace the fact that my journal doesn't have to be pretty or mistake-free to be helpful.

    Going into Week 2, this system still felt a little clunky and tedious to me.

    However, I did make an A+ move because of my journal: I decided to swap my biggest distraction (my laptop) for my journal. It turns out that taking notes helps me just as much in the working world as it did in school.

    So I'm finally getting the hang of this thing! I ~upgraded~ my weekly log so that I could see everything (to-do, did, ideas) on one spread and I was so damn happy.

    Visualizing my budget made me more aware of where my money went. But being diligent about entering my spending was still difficult.

    With one week to go, I realized that I was generally feeling more settled and ~mindful~ about my choices.

    In Week 5, I decided to experiment with the diary element of the bullet journal.

    The monthly tracker was tedious — but ultimately helpful. It actually did help me establish one habit: I started making my bed every day. (Which makes me feel VERY adult.)

    So did one month of journaling help me meet my goals? YES.

    But am I going to do things differently going forward? For sure. Specifically:

    📆 Keep every week on a single spread so I see everything I need at a glance. Monthly trackers may work for you, but they definitely don't for me.

    🗝 Write up my index so that when my bullet journal is really filled in, I can find everything.

    📌 Limit my habit tracker so that I'm setting more manageable goals — and make those habits quantifiable (time spent, money spent, drinks drunk, etc).

    💵 Create an actual budget that details what I'm allowed to spend instead of just tracking what I do spend.

    👹 Note the emotions that are really nagging me. Though tracking every emotion is a useful exercise in mindfulness, it's a bit of a time-suck.

    📈 Continue experimenting with tried-and-true trackers to find what really works best for me.

    ✔️ Check off my to-do list to make prioritizing my work more efficient.

    Last thing: I bought a bunch of stuff for this project but TBH, all you need is a good set of pens and a sturdy notebook.