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Hey Parents, What Product Saved Your Sanity In Your First Year Of Parenting?

We're sure the 17th teddy bear wasn't super helpful.

Parents, we want to know what you would've actually liked to have received when you were just starting out!

Maybe it was something super simple like a waterfall rinser that kept the shampoo out of their eyes that you just wish someone had told you about sooner.

Or perhaps it was one of those really nice Gathre mats that solved your dirty-floor woes, and was surprisingly easy to clean.

Maybe you found a book on your own that actually just made you feel less stressed about everything.

Or maybe you just really freakin' wanted a gift that was actually for you, dammit!!

Big or small, we want to know! Tell us about the best gift you received — or the gift you wish you had received — when you were raising an infant in the Dropbox below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!