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Hang All Your Beautiful Crap By Making These Gorgeous Copper Ladders

Stairway to heaven, for sure.

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* ¾-inch copper pipe

* 12 ¾-inch copper tees

* 4 ¾-inch copper tube caps (type C)

* Tubing cutter (or ask your hardware provider if they will cut your pipe for you!)

* Epoxy glue

* Clear sealant

* Scouring pad


# Rub a scouring pad along the pipes to remove any printing.

# Use a tubing cutter to cut pipes. You'll need 6 17-inch pieces, 2 12-inch pieces, and 14 8-inch pieces.

# Spray a clear coat on all the copper materials to prevent any oxidizing.

# Put a little epoxy glue on the tubes before inserting them into the copper tees.

# Lay everything out in a ladder shape, using the 17-inch pieces for the rungs, the 8-inch pieces for the rails, and the 12-inch pieces for the bottom rails.

# Before putting the cup caps on the bottom and top rails, apply a little epoxy glue to the tubes so that the caps will stay put.

# Check that all your joints are strong before stacking them with towels, throws, accessories, or decor.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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