16 Backgrounds That Will Brighten Your Day Every Time You Check Your Phone

    At least one of these phone backgrounds is guaranteed to make you smile.

    1. Most of us spend literal hours on our phones every day.

    2. Whether you're watching funny videos or scrolling through tweets.

    3. Whether you're checking up on celebrities or sending memes to your pals.

    4. Or even if you're just scrolling, looking for something pretty.

    5. Your eyes are constantly glued to the screen.

    6. You're literally always checking for a new notification.

    7. So you might as well have something beautiful to look at.

    8. Those notifications may stress you out, or make you anxious, so you might need a little reminder that you can handle it.

    9. Your phone background should remind you of something you love.

    10. Like, you might love collecting plants.

    11. Or maybe you love traveling, and just want to see the world.

    12. And let's be honest, other people look at your phone too.

    13. Your phone is basically an accessory that you never take off.

    14. So you've gotta make sure your phone background matches your aesthetic.

    15. You can use a background that's got a bunch of quirky patterns.

    16. Or you can choose a background that's simple and sweet, if that's more your thing.

    Basically, your phone background should just be totally you.