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    11 Useful Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do With Eggshells

    They're seed starters, a great cleaning abrasive, and a calcium supplement for your pup.

    You know you can do a lot with eggs...but do you know how much you can do with all those eggshells?! No? Well, you're about to.

    1. Fill eggshells with soil to use them as biodegradable seed starters.

    2. Scour a dirty pan with a soapy sponge and crushed eggshells to make it sparkle.

    3. Shake them up with soap and water to clean the inside of containers with narrow necks.

    4. Grind up shells and sprinkle the powder in your dog's food for extra nutrients.

    5. Or pulverize the eggshells in a blender and feed them to your tomato plants to keep them healthy.

    6. Let them soak with warm water in your mugs to clean off coffee or tea stains.

    7. Grow geodes in the shells with alum powder and food coloring.

    8. Crush the shells up and brew them with your coffee grounds to cut the acidity and sweeten your cup of joe.

    9. Pour candle wax inside an eggshell to make cute tea lights.

    10. Mix eggshell powder with flour and hot water to make sidewalk chalk.

    11. Fish broken shell out of your eggs with a larger piece.