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19 Real-Life Home Upgrades That Are Actually Doable

Actually wow.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the renovation project they're most proud of and they really came through. Here are some of our favorites!


5. This Ikea sectional piece disguised as an ottoman with some fancy fabric and a new set of legs.

6. This adorable dress-up station for a four-year-old's dolls that used to be a bookshelf.

"I sanded it down, removed the shelves, and painted it pink. Then, I cut out and painted the silhouettes of her favorite princess. I also painted a few baskets and mirrors gold and wrote my daughter's name on the top."



11. This gorgeous desk that was made from a stained piece of wood balanced across four Ikea file drawers.


12. This classy marble backsplash made of sticky-back tiles that replaced some flowery, 25-year-old wallpaper.

"I purchased a box of sticky-backed vinyl tiles, trimmed them down a bit, and used mildew-resistant caulk to give it that 'grouted' look."


Get 20 feet of these tiles from Home Depot for $15.71.


19. This old dresser that is way more helpful as a Lego table.

"I painted the drawers to look like stacked Legos, installed two sets of drawers in the cupboards for extra storage space, and covered the top with Lego plates to act as a base for the kids to build on."


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