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    15 Ideas That'll Make You Say "I Don't DIY But Now I'm Like Hmm..."

    You're about to save yourself a crapload of money.

    1. Staple elastic to the bottoms of your floating shelves to create more space and a cool illusion.

    2. Create your own stencil to add a funky pattern to your walls, if you can't find decals that suit your taste.

    3. Hang your potted plants to give them access to a little more sunlight.

    4. Nail a board to the wall, and then nail another one to that to make a floating shelf that beats the pants off one from West Elm.

    5. Staple a blanket over some foam and a wood board to make your own bench — no handiwork experience necessary!

    6. Build a decorative ladder out of a few wooden dowels so you aren't paying an arm and a leg for more storage space.

    7. Knot a few strands of yarn to a stick and hang it up to cover something ugly on your wall with something beautiful.

    8. Glue a few rounds of rope together to make a hamper that you won't wanna hide in the closet.

    9. Hang a tray from the ceiling if you're room's a bit too cramped for a nightstand — or if you just don't want to buy one.

    10. Paint a piece of plywood and stand it up on 2x4s for an actually adorable headboard.

    11. Spray-paint a frame and attach a gold chain to hang your photos in gold.

    12. Get some vertical storage for your kitchen with a few cheap goodies from Ikea.

    13. Paint plain pillow covers and sun-bleach them with cool leaves in place to create a patterned throw pillow.

    14. Spray-paint wire grids to get a neat-o display for your photos or cute office supplies without paying an exorbitant price.

    15. And flatten botanicals between the pages of a heavy book to keep them forever.