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    15 Really Cute Ways To Show Off Your Kid's Art

    Turn their doodles into magnets with a bit of polymer glue.

    1. Stick magnets on the backs of photo frames to make their art look neat on the fridge.

    2. Glue a frame to a box so you have storage and a frame all in one.

    3. Or raid your closet for clip hangers to save money on frames.

    4. Rub doodles onto polymer clay to make silly magnets.

    5. Clip clothespins to an embroidery loop to save wall space.

    6. Hang curtain wire to easily clip up their most recent paintings.

    7. Scan their paintings and shrink them down a few sizes to make a collaged poster.

    8. Frame the art that color coordinates, then arrange them into a gallery wall.

    9. Prop a DIY chalkboard on an easel so you can switch out the art on the regular.

    10. For irregular shaped artworks, remove the back of the frame altogether.

    11. Spray-paint clipboards to give your art wall a uniform look.

    12. Upload pictures to a digital frame to keep a subtle slideshow on a side table, or even at your desk.

    13. Keep all of their coloring in a classy coffee table book.

    14. Glue on pretty borders to give the art a border without putting them in an actual frame.

    15. And pin the art up on a cork board so that adding their newest masterpiece to the mix is a breeze.