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    21 Real Workspaces That Prove That Everyone Works Differently

    Workin' it.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us where they work and to tell us why it works for them. Here are some of the most interesting responses.

    1. This person who doesn't need anything fancy, but does need a delegated space to help get them into ~work mode~.

    2. This person who needs her desk to work for both her and her clients.

    3. This person who hangs their favorite drawings to inspire their next project.

    4. This person who was short on space, so turned their closet into an office.

    5. This person who needs to be cozy to be creative.

    6. This person who uses the creativity of her friends to inspire her own.

    7. This person who needs a little noise to stay focused.

    8. This person who keeps her desk hella organized.

    9. This person who maintains a balance between organization and chaos.

    10. This person who thinks she's a mess (but clearly isn't).

    11. This person who just filled their desk with their favorite things.

    12. This person who added a few personal touches to her office.

    13. This person who literally built her own desk so she could have a cozy space to study.

    14. This person who knows that if their desk is cluttered, their mind is cluttered.

    15. This person whose brain probably looks like a flawless bullet journal spread.

    16. This person who is inspired by color, color, and more color.

    17. This person who has a sticky note system so that she has her reminders at a glance.

    18. This person who is probably just as trendsetting as her desk.

    19. This person who carved out a corner of her classroom for herself.

    20. This person who just loves having friendly faces around.

    21. This person who managed to make her cubicle actually really homey.

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