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    19 Simple Ways To Make Your Desk A Happier Place To Be

    Keep your lunch in a Thermos and put washi tape on everything.

    1. Write your goals or to-do list on the glass of a picture frame in whiteboard marker, so your coworkers know what's keeping you so crazy busy.

    2. Stack your computer on a few pretty coffee table books, so you aren't constantly craning your neck.

    3. Doodle designs in a homemade zen garden when you need to give your eyes a break from the computer.

    4. Or turn on a teeny heater if they insist on keeping the office as cold as the freezer.

    5. Mark your office supplies with washi tape so you know what every cord is for.

    6. Keep a snake plant at your desk to improve air quality and get some green on days you miss the outdoors.

    7. Or tape some fake succulents to your pens to add some greenery that won't die when you go on vacation.

    8. Change your desktop image to something inspirational instead of something obscure.

    9. Organize separate projects into expandable file folders so you can easily grab everything you need before a meeting.

    10. Throw a big scarf over the back of your chair so you can stay warm without looking like you wish you were at home on the couch.

    11. Clean your desk when you come in on Monday mornings to give every week a fresh start.

    12. Scan documents to cut down on the paper clutter piling up around your workspace.

    13. Stash a travel-sized stick of deodorant in your drawer for those summer days when you arrive at the office feeling less than fresh.

    14. Keep your lunch (hot or cold!) at your desk, so you don't have to put it in the fridge and risk someone stealing it.

    15. Plug a humidifier into your USB port to soothe your sinuses during the dry season.

    16. Glue decorative paper to clipboards to make a pretty place to organize your important papers.

    17. Attach grip clips to cans and loaf pans to hang your pens and plants off of your desk.

    18. Frame postcards to display your favorite paintings at your desk for cheap.

    19. Glue some fabric to a piece of cork to make your own mouse pad.