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12 Plant Markers That'll Make Literally Every Gardener Say, "Why Haven't I Tried That?"

Because your markers should be just as pretty as the plants that surround them!

1. These corks on skewers that will give you a reason to drink more wine.

2. These adorable stones that won't get washed away by the rain.

3. These tree branches that were just littering your garden before you stuck them in the ground to mark your territory.

4. These tea tags made out of clay that you're basically obligated to make if you planted your babies in cups.

5. These popsicle sticks that show off your calligraphy skills.

6. These wire stakes that are like jewelry for your plants.

7. These painted animal figurines that'll make your garden look like a tiny safari.

8. These highly rated copper garden markers that you can customize with printed labels or your own handwriting.

9. These letter tile markers that are perfect for Scrabble lovers.

10. This set of stakes that comes with a peg and awl pencil so you can do your own engraving.

11. These old spoons that look real cute with some little doodles.

12. And these clothespin tags that'll get the job done, while still looking pretty nice.

Now time for the fun part! Taking care of your little bebs. 😍

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