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    11 Practical Tips For Anyone Who Hates Their Morning Commute

    That hour-and-a-half drive is gonna fly by.

    1. Save articles on Pocket, so you can read them when you're in transit.

    2. Listen to your local radio station or the Up First podcast from NPR, which will catch you up on the news while you're behind the wheel or on the train.

    3. Keep your hands, eyes, and mind busy with a Rubik's cube.

    4. Use the Headspace app to help tune out the sounds, sights, and smells of public transit with a few minutes of meditation.

    5. Check Citymapper right when you wake up so you know when you need to leave the house or if you need to change your travel plans.

    6. Download a free — yes, free — audiobook from your local library so you have a story to look forward to each morning and night.

    7. Do a quick Duolingo lesson every morning to begin learning a new language and maintain that daily streak.

    8. If possible, try making your commute an active one (even if it makes your commute longer), as it's proven this can make a person considerably happier.

    9. Replace your air freshener with an essential oil diffuser that plugs right into the USB port.

    10. If you cycle to the office, mount your phone to your bike for easier access to your navigation app.

    11. And wipe the sweat away after your ride with a couple of camping wipes, so you aren't smelly for the rest of the day.

    If you have a crazy commute, tell us what you do to make it more enjoyable in the comments!