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    20 Hacks That'll Make Your Home Cleaner And More Organized

    Line the tops of hard-to-reach cabinets with paper grocery bags so instead of dusting, you can just replace the bags.

    1. Stick empty gift wrap rolls on the end of your vacuum hose to reach new heights.

    2. Cut a paper towel roll in half and soak it in cleaning solution to make cheap AF cleaning wipes.

    3. Wrap microfiber towels around salad tongs to easily dust your blinds.

    4. Cut down on clutter by storing spare cords in toilet paper rolls.

    5. Use a lint roller to pick up tiny messes like sprinkles, crumbs, or broken glass.

    6. Connect your soap dispenser to a giant bottle of soap with clear tubing so you don't need to refill it as regularly.

    7. Line the drawers and shelves inside your fridge with vinyl placemats to make cleaning so much easier.

    8. Use wire cutters to snip tiny cuts on either side of a zip tie, and push them down to make barbs that pull hair out of the drain.

    9. Keep all your hair ties together with a carabiner clip.

    10. Soak a grimy pan with warm water, dish soap, and a dryer sheet for an hour to make it sparkle.

    11. Stick plastic wrap or aluminum foil on hooks to easily make a one-handed tear.

    12. Lay a reusable oven liner across the bottom rack so you're not scrubbing at baked-on food the next time you clean the interior.

    13. Cut tangled hair out of your vacuum's roller brush with a seam ripper.

    14. Lay paper bags across the tops of your kitchen cabinets so dusting is as simple as changing them out for new ones.

    15. Stack file holders to make a few extra shelves in the fridge or freezer.

    16. Store cereal and grains in empty juice bottles to carefully pour just the right amount and keep everything fresh.

    17. Hang a mesh shoe organizer in your shower if there are simply too many products for the bath ledge.

    18. Use a broom to clean the tub so you don't need to literally get in to give it a good scrub.

    19. Use command hooks to keep garbage bags from falling into the can.

    20. Hang jeans from s-shaped hooks to save money on hangers and free up space.