14 Cheap AF Organization Hacks That'll Actually Make Your Life So Much Easier

    Organize your cords in toilet paper rolls and clean up your sock drawer with cardboard.

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    1. Put a lazy Susan under your bathroom sink so you can grab the thing you need without literally climbing inside to find it.

    2. Or display your beauty products on a tiered spice rack so you can find everything you need without shuffling through a bin.

    3. Stow plastic bags in mailing tubes if they're overflowing in your pantry.

    4. Clip bags to the wire shelves in your freezer or pantry to free up space and keep everything fresh.

    5. Use zip ties to hang your brooms, mops, and dusters from hooks if they fall out of the closet every time you clean.

    6. And stick adhesive hooks under your kitchen sink to hang the smaller tools and drip-dry your rubber gloves.

    7. Store screws and nails in gum containers so they're not floating around your toolkit.

    8. Hook your hangers on a plastic chain if you have limited space in your closet but a seemingly unlimited wardrobe.

    9. Or stretch a metal chain between pushpins to make an elegant earring organizer.

    10. Make drawer dividers out of the cardboard that your Amazon packages come in.

    11. Store your wrapping paper in a garment bag to keep your collection contained.

    12. Stick your electronic cords in toilet paper rolls so they don't end up a tangled mess.

    13. Attach grip clips to cans and loaf pans to create desk organizers that don't clutter up your workspace.

    14. Reuse sauce jars to store all of your staples — and use the lines to quickly measure out the amount you need.