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Cheap Moms, Tell Us About The Clever Hacks That Save You Money

Every little bit helps.

Hey moms! Kids are expensive!

So, tell us about all the different ways you save money.

Maybe you host a regular clothing swap, so you and your friends can get rid of the stuff your kids aren't using and pick up some new stuff for them at the same time.

Or maybe you've got a cost-cutting app that has saved you a whole lot of cash.

Perhaps you're pretty crafty and can DIY everything from toys to cleaning supplies.

Or perhaps your best money-saving secret is that you water down hand soap to make it last longer.

Maybe you know the restaurants around town where the kids can eat for free.

Have you made your kids as happy as this guy? Hurry in for Kids Eat Free, every night 4pm - 10pm with purchase of adult entrée.

Or maybe you buy snacks in bulk and portion them out into smaller sizes yourself.

Tell us about the hacks you use to save money in the dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!