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20 Simple Kitchen Updates That'll Make It Seem Like You Have Your Shit Together

Let's get cookin'.

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1. Update your appliances with stainless steel paint.

2. Fake a herringbone tile backsplash using paint and painter's tape.

4. Cover Pringles cans with wrapping paper to get your leftover pasta out of the ugly boxes.


5. Put up a tension rod to hang cafe curtains in your window.


9. Paint blocks of chalkboard paint onto your jars so you never confuse the flour for the sugar.

10. Get mis-matched bins at the dollar store, and paint 'em so they coordinate.

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I wish I could put the trash can in the trash, but painting it to match is a pretty solid fix.

See it here and follow the Dollar Tree Projects & Ideas Facebook group for more ideas like this one.

12. Hide magnets in your dish towels so they stick instead of falling to the floor.


13. Stick a magnet strip to the bottom of your shelf and magnets to jars to keep your spices at eye level.

Forehead level if you're as short as I am. Hang a magnet strip and glue magnets to the jars. You could also just stick magnets to the tops of your existing spice bottles, but this is just so much more appealing.

See it here.

14. Disguise your wire shelves with foam sheets.

15. Stick light strips to the bottoms of your cabinets to create a warm glow.

16. Turn a shelf — that you're otherwise going to toss — into a kitchen island.

1. Drill a piece of wood to the bottom for stability.

2. Add casters.

3. Drill wood to the top for the butcher block.

4. Stain the wood and paint the shelves.

See it here.


17. Cover ugly linoleum floors in plywood.

Attach the plywood to the floor with a nail gun, paint it, and then add a coat of satin polyurethane to protect it from stains.

See it here.

18. Or just give the linoleum a coat of paint.

She used a waterborne acrylic enamel paint ($59.95 from Amazon) so didn't have to do much else. But you can also add a protective finish ($9.48 from Amazon) if you already have a regular can of paint you want to use. Here are directions for Option B.

See it here.

19. Paint the cabinets and take off a few doors to display your your favorite dishes.

Unscrew the hinges from the frame and fill the holes with putty. Then, paint, wax, and buff the frame and any doors you want to leave on.

See it here.