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    19 Travel Journal Layouts That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!"

    These ideas are actually brilliant.

    1. Keep a bucket list if you haven't quite gotten past the dreaming phase.

    2. Set small saving goals if the trip is going to need a big budget.

    3. Make a countdown if you're just really, really excited.

    4. Plan a checklist in advance so you pack everything you need and nothing you don't.

    5. And have this decision chart handy for that item you want to impulsively stick in your luggage.

    6. Note all of the details of your flight itineraries if flying makes you anxious.

    7. Make a plan for all the things you need to plan so that you don't forget anything when you actually start planning.

    8. Jot down a list of restaurant recommendations so you don't waste a good meal on a bad restaurant.

    9. Note how many hours you're sleeping to make sure jet lag doesn't get the best of you.

    10. Better yet, track all your habits so you remember to take care of yourself.

    11. Jot down random facts that you want to remember — and leave space for doodles.

    12. Prepare a rating system if you know you're going to be too exhausted for serious journaling at the end of the day.

    13. Leave space for both important reminders and fun memories.

    14. Stick to super brief highlights while you're on the go, and get more detailed when you have the time.

    15. Practice your drawing if you have time to sit and take it all in.

    16. Make a collage of all of the little pieces of memorabilia that you can't bear to throw away.

    17. Note your spending while you're on the trip so you don't lose your head buying random souvenirs you didn't budget for.

    18. Look up a few words you know you'll need to have in your back pocket.

    19. Trace a giant map if you caught the travel bug while you were away and now you plan to go everywhere.