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    15 Before-And-After Photos That Prove The Power Of A Coat Of Paint

    Because a coat of paint is almost always the solution.

    1. This stairwell that honestly makes a much better first impression.

    2. These chairs that are shockingly modern, considering they could have been picked up at a yard sale.

    3. These stairs that look just like Anne Hathaway, post-The Devil Wears Prada makeover.

    4. This home that went from quaint to chic, and looks so much more unique.

    5. This door that was actually fine before, but definitely looks a lot more on trend now.

    6. This white dresser that looks at least a decade newer than it did when it was brown.

    7. These freshly white cabinets that make this kitchen look twice as bright.

    8. And these ones that make this home look like an IRL dollhouse in that gorgeous blue.

    9. This cottage that got a serious refresh after the yellow paint was replaced with white.

    10. This hutch that probably would've gone in the trash without this simple upgrade.

    11. This dining room that looks less antique-y and more like something of this century.

    12. This bedroom that went from corny to classy.

    13. And the paint job definitely made a sizable contribution to this house's extreme makeover.

    14. This shabby fireplace that was totally transformed with a chic stencil pattern.

    15. And, finally, this dollhouse that is even more precious freshly painted.