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    13 Little Bedroom Hacks That Will Actually Help You Get More Sleep

    Keep the temperature between 65 and 67 degrees to tell your body it's time for bed.

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    Sleeping is great but getting to sleep can be a total nightmare, especially if your bedroom isn't exactly that cozy.

    1. Spray some lavender on your bedding, because it seriously relaxes your brain and body.

    2. Set your thermostat somewhere between 65 and 67 degrees to help you truly ~chill out~.

    3. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible with a set of highly rated black-out curtains.

    4. Decorate with all things blue to keep yourself calm in the bedroom.

    5. Make your bed with two duvets instead of one if your S.O. is constantly stealing the covers.

    6. Wash your pillows and sheets regularly, because your allergies may be what's keeping you awake at night.

    7. Keep your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you can't hit snooze.

    8. And choose an alarm tone that wakes you up slowly rather than that terrible siren ring you've been using.

    9. Turn on a humidifier to breathe easier during the winter and a dehumidifier to cool down the air during summer.

    10. Kick your computer and phone out of the bedroom, because they're probably making you sleep worse.

    11. And invest in a pretty Himalayan salt lamp.

    12. Listen to pink noise to help your brain slow the hell down.

    13. And bring a weighted blanket to bed to help calm your anxiety.

    Now, go have sweet dreams!

    By the way, if you've been having trouble sleeping and it's not going away, it's definitely worth checking with your doctor. Many things can cause insomnia, from stress to certain disorders, and your doctor will best be able to help you figure out what's going on so you can get the sleep you need. In the meantime, you can always read more about insomnia here.