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    21 Quick Ways To Make Your Bathroom The Best Room In Your Entire House

    Have you seen this scrubby brush?!

    1. Cut a hole out of a sponge if your soap is leaving scum on your tiles.

    2. Rub wax paper all over your curtain rod if the curtain rings keep screeching.

    3. Hang a spice rack to hold onto your nail polish collection to feel like you have your own nail salon at home.

    4. Add a few drops of essential oils to the inside of your toilet paper roll if your bathroom is a bit more, ahem, odorous than you'd prefer.

    5. Put together this over-the-toilet ladder if you need extra storage space but your landlord won't let you hang shelves.

    6. Sort all of your makeup into a shoe organizer if there's simply no drawer large enough for your entire collection.

    7. Hang command hooks sideways if you've been keeping your toothbrush in a drawer all this time.

    8. Water down liquid soap if you like foam soap but don't want to keep replacing those expensive bottles.

    9. Hang a magnetic strip on the inside of your medicine cabinet if you're always losing track of your tweezers.

    10. Learn how to roll your towels if you want your bathroom to feel more like a spa.

    11. And hang baskets so you always have a fresh towel nearby.

    12. Hang an extra shower rod if your kids' bath toys are dripping all over your bathroom.

    13. Mark a line on the wall so the kids know exactly how much TP they actually need.

    14. Knot a Turkish hand towel on your towel ring if yours is always slipping to the floor.

    15. Stock all of your supplies on a pretty plant stand if you keep having to get out of the bath to grab the thing you need.

    16. Use some fabric glue and a few strips of velcro to create a sink skirt if you want to hide unsightly plumbing.

    17. Decant your shower products into labeled matching bottles, if you're sick of looking at all the clutter.

    18. Hang everyone's initials over their hooks if someone keeps taking your towel.

    19. Rub coconut oil on your faucet and handles to polish them and prevent water stains.

    20. Hang a curved curtain rod if your shower is a bit cramped.

    21. Attach these scrubby brushes to your power drill if you want your tub and grout to gleam.

    BRB, gotta go home and scrub down my entire life.

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