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    Your Baby Will Love This DIY Indoor Swing

    Don't let the rain get you down.

    Isn't it just the worst when rain ruins your park plans?

    This DIY child swing can hang inside your home and be enjoyed by your little one in any kind of weather.

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    To get started, you're going to need a few things:


    Heavy-duty fabric


    Sewing machine



    4 wooden dowels


    Pull-up bar


    1. You'll need six pieces of fabric. Two should be three times the length of the pillow.

    2. Two should be one-and-a-half times the length of the pillow.

    3. And another two pieces should be three times thinner than the pillow.

    4. Once you've cut out your pieces, sew the matching pairs together.

    5. Lay out the longest piece. Then, lay the other two pieces across the middle, across from each other, and sew. Then, fold each outer edge in and sew.

    6. Saw the dowel into four pieces. Each should be a few inches longer than the pillow. Drill holes on both sides of each dowel.

    7. Slide the dowels through each fold so they intersect at the holes.

    8. Slide the rope through the dowels where they intersect and make a knot thicker than the hole.

    9. At the halfway mark of each piece of rope, make a knot so you have a loop.

    10. Hang the pull up bar and use carabiners to link the ropes to the bar.

    11. Add pillows — and a baby — and you're ready to go!

    Absolutely precious!

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