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16 Ways To Make Your Room As Dark As Your Soul

My aesthetic is dead flowers and rust.

1. Paint your walls, shelves, and furniture the color of your black heart.

@home. by. debs / Via

No worries if you rent: you can easily restore walls to their original color with a few coats of primer. Learn how to do it here.

2. Hang an old portrait with eyes that follow you everywhere.

See this apartment here.

3. Make your furniture look like you've had it for *ages*.

Learn how to do give your furniture an antique look here.

4. And rust all of your metal fixtures.

@dighaushizzle / Via

Learn how to give metal a faux-rusty look here.

5. Lend a helping hand wherever you can.

@dighaushizzle / Via

Hang your jewelry from disembodied hand push pins. Get a set from Amazon for $16.95.

6. Get blackout velvet curtains for your vampire tendencies.

Simon Upton /

Get them on Amazon for $30.47 and see more rooms like this one here.

7. Find some less-than-welcoming candles to set the mood.

Who says creepy can't be cozy? Get this Wuthering Heights-themed candle from Etsy for $18 or one that smells like "midnight" for $19.

8. Or use candle sticks to create a ~Phantom of the Opera~ vibe.

Get them from H&M for $17.99.

9. Hang bare Edison bulbs from your ceiling if reading by candlelight seems a bit much.

Sharyn Cairns / Via

Edison bulbs have the perfectly soft glow to help you drift off while tucking in with a bedtime read about serial killers or aliens. See the rest of this house here.

10. Paper your walls in dark floral if you're dead inside but also like pretty things.

See the rest of this moody room here and get 60 square feet of dark floral peel-and-stick wallpaper for $42.81.

11. Or just dry out flowers and spread them around your home.

I, personally, like hanging a bouquet upside down for a week or so to dry it out so that my vases are always full. Get more tips for drying out your flowers here and get some decorating tips here.

12. Choose wrought iron hardware that's as cold as your disposition. / Via

See more moody inspo here.

13. Turn books that don't have black or white covers page-side-out.

Luca Trovato /

See more tiny room tricks here.

14. Make concrete skulls out of halloween decorations after the ~holidays~ are over. 😭

Learn how to make them here.

15. Distress your mirrors to make them look a bit more haunted.

Learn how to distress your mirrors here.

16. Leave a smudge stick burning in the corner.

When you're actually home, of course. Learn how to make a smudge stick here (in French, but it's easy enough to figure out from the pictures). Or buy a pack on Amazon for $7.51 if you're a ~lazy~ witch.

Mood, always.

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