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16 Literally Perfect Closets That Will Inspire You To Get Organized

You get a hanger... you get a hanger... you get a hanger...

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1. Put classics or your favorites on display, if you have the space. This closet goes all out with bookshelves. / Via

To do this yourself, you can use a pretty garment rack or decorative shelves like the ones above. Get the look for less by spray painting these $79.99 Ikea shelves. This is actually a picture of the Margo & Me offices, but they're basically a dream closet.

See more pictures of the tour here.

2. Try it with shoes, too. Upgrade a bookshelf and stock it with shoes. In addition to being absurdly convenient, it looks great.

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes." -- Oprah

Learn how to transform a bookshelf you already have using wallpaper at Classy Clutter.

3. Or hang a curtain from the ceiling to hide everything away. / Via Evan Thomas:

It'll soften the look of your room and look nice even when everything inside is a disaster. To do this on a budget, hang a curtain from a tension rod in your closet doorway. Try this one from Target for $11.79.

See more details of this home here.


4. If you are #blessed enough to have a walk-in closet you could hang this chandelier from Wayfair for $60.

Or, just opt for a few hooks to keep organized. Hanging up purses can go a long way to reducing awkward clutter and making your closet feel more spacious. These wall hooks from Anthropologie will make functionality look decorative. If you have WAY too many purses to buy the fancy version, here's a tutorial that will show you how to make your own hooks for cheap.

Check out more closets from Traditional Home here.

5. Fabric boxes are a gorgeous way to get your less-than-fabulous items out of the way.

Make your own fabric boxes using this awesome no-sew tutorial from Simply Zaspy. If you don't have the time to DIY, Ikea has literally pages of pretty storage boxes. Check out more gorgeous closets at Lonny here.

Anyone else wondering if Oprah folds or rolls her socks?

6. Make a space for grab-and-go items like your everyday purse, car keys, or a favorite necklace.

Anna Kocharian /

Your grab-and-go space doesn't have to be in your actual closet. It can be anywhere in the house that fits into your everyday routine like by your bedroom door or at the foot of the stairs.

Domino provides great suggestions for how to achieve this look.

7. Shifting hanging items to make them flow nicely makes them look neat and attractive, and costs exactly $0.

Putting a rattan hamper under the high side is genius. World Market has an awesome one (with a liner included!) for $39.99. You can either arrange by height like this blogger did, or by color. This will also help you find what you're looking for in a bind.

This closet owner used the Marie Kondo technique. Check it out here.


8. Even if you aren't crazy organized, you can still achieve a more streamlined look. Simply investing in matching hangers goes a long way.

Huggable hangers are almost always the way to go; buy these from Bed Bath & Beyond at $9.99 a pack.

Yes, her entire home actually does look like this. Check it out here.

9. Sort your seasonal gear into labeled boxes, so that you aren't staring longingly at your shorts during the cold months or taking up closet space with sweaters during the hot ones.

Get the Tjena boxes for $4.99 and customize to your liking. Dress them in your favorite fabric patterns or label them so that you don't have to shuffle around to find what you're looking for.

11. If you wanted a cheap way to make your boots stand up, cut a piece of cardboard box about twice the size as the leg, fold, and gently slide it in.


You could also use a pool noodle. Not as dandy as fresh roses (because who really has time for stock flowers in their closet), but it still looks nicer than slumped boots.

See more closet inspiration ideas at HGTV.


15. I don't even think Oprah has 3,000 square feet for her wardrobe. *scoff* Clear out old handbags that you never carry to make space for a mini bar cabinet so you can drink-and-dress night and day.

Just kidding. You can, however, make your closet feel twice as big with this double hang closet rod from Container Store.

Watch the full video of this Costco-sized closet here.


It is so gloriously inspirational, couldn't you just write a novel?! Make your closet one that inspires you by keeping in neat and showing off your favorite pieces. As Oprah always says, "Think like a Queen."

Take in all the glory of Oprah's closet and watch her inspire the crap out of the woman that bought her shoes on eBay here.